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Association for Craft Producers
GPO Box 3701
Rhavi Bhawan Mode
Kathmandu, Nepal            
office +977-1-4275108, 4270721 
fax     +977-1-4272676

Producer benefits include:

Foresight Fund - 

In recognition of their service, ACP provides producers with funds at the time of retirement. Producers who have completed four years of continuous service are eligible to receive an annual payment equivalent to one twelfth of his or her prior annual earnings. This is paid into an interest bearing account.

Girl Child Education Allowance - 

To encourage education in female children, ACP allots a monthly allowance for up to three years to producers who keep their daughters in school for at least four consecutive years. As incentive to excel, ACP supports the three most outstanding students for a fourth year. ACP has also recognized the need for boy child education, and has been applying the same allowance to male children.

Medical Allowance - 

After completing 6 months in the association, producers are eligible for a medical stipend to use for themselves or their family.

Work Incentive and Performance Rewards - 

To create a sense of 'healthy competition' between our producers, we offer rewards for quality performance and seniority.

Producers' Alliance - 

Realizing the need for effective communication among the producers, the Producers' Alliance was established in 1996. This alliance helps the producers understand their rights, privileges, and responsibilities.

Producers and Management Consultative Committee (PMCC) - 

This committee, consisting of ACP's management and 9 elected members from the Producers' Alliance, meet every month to discuss producer-related issues.

Producers Saving Program - 

Many artisans have never had the opportunity to save money in their lifetime. With this program, producers are encouraged to deposit 10% of their monthly earnings in an interest bearing account, while many choose to deposit more than the recommended amount. Submission of an application with reason is needed to withdraw from the account.

Workshop Cafeteria - 

Producers that work in the main facility unit receive hot, nutritious meals and hygienic drinking water at a subsidized rate.

Others include - 

Clothing allowance, 90 day paid Maternity Leave, 15 day paid Paternity lLave, Emergency Allowance, Health Camps for Preventative and Curative Measures, and Informal Education of pertinent matters like health, education and social issues.